Sharon Nelson Pottery
Original Handcrafted Ceramics in Trumansburg, NY

Red/Black Glazes

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Item 607<br>Large bowl with copper and black glaze, 2.5 inches tall x 9 inches in diameter<br><b>$50</b>

Item 607


Item 418<br>Two shallow black and copper-glazed nesting bowls, 2 inches tall x 7 inches in diameter<br><b>$30 each</b>

Item 418

$30 each

Item 704<br>Black and copper-glazed vase, 6 inches tall x 4 inches in diameter<br><b>$40</b>

Item 704


Item 678<br>Black and copper-glazed vase, 6 inches tall x 4.5 inches in diameter<br><b>$40</b>

Item 678


Item 579a (Sold) and 579b<br>Black and copper glazed white stoneware bowls, 3 in tall x 8.25 in wide<br><b>$50</b>

Item 579a (Sold) and 579b


Item 469<br>Red/Black Glazed Pitcher, 6.25 in tall x 3.25 in wide. Holds about 18 oz.<br><b>$35</b>

Item 469


Items 451, 292, and 293 (Sold)<br>Decorative bottles that can be used as bud vases. Sizes in the drop-down menu.<br><b>$30, $30, and $25, respectively</b>

Item 451, 292, and 293 (Sold)

$30, $30, and $25, respectively

Item 26<br>Small Vase, 3.75 in tall x 3.75 in wide<br><b>$20</b>

Item 26


Gallery of Previously-Sold Red/Black-Glazed Items

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Please note, similar items to those displayed in the "Sold Gallery" may be available if requested.

Item 577<br>Black and copper glazed brown stoneware bowl, 2.75 in tall x 7.25 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 577

Item 578<br>Black and copper glazed white stoneware bowl, 2.25 in tall x 8.5 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 578

Item 33<br>Two small teacups, 2.25 in tall x 3.25 in wide<br>Sold as a set<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 33

Item 368<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 368

Item 370<br>Red/Black Glazed Decorative Vase on brown clay, 4.75 in tall x 4.25 in wide<br><b>Sold</br>

Item 370

Item 372<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 372

Item 401<br>Wide flower vase. May also be suitable for artist brushes, pens/pencils, makeup brushes or toothbrushes<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 401

Item 403<br>Red/Black Glazed Coffee or Tea Mug on brown clay, 3.75 in tall x 3.0 in wide. Holds just over 8 oz of liquid<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 403

Item 418<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 418

Item 526<br>Red/Black Glazed Bud Vase on white stoneware, 3.25 in tall x 2.25 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 526

Item 450<br>Tall lidded jar, 5.5 in tall x 3.75 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 450

Item 452<br>Coffee or tea mugs, 4.25 in tall x 3.0 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 452

Item 453<br>Red/Black Glazed Bowl, 2.5 in tall x 6.5 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 453

Item 454-455<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 454-455

Item 525<br>White stoneware mug for coffee or tea. Holds 16 oz.<br>5 in tall x 3.5 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 525

Item 341<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 341

Item 465<br>Red/Black Glazed Pot, 5.25 in tall x 3.0 in wide. Can be used as a flower vase or to hold artist brushes, make-up brushes, or tooth brushes.<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 465

Item 449<br>Red/Black Glazed Flower Vase, 5.5 in tall x 4.0 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 449

Item 540<br>Red/Black Glazed Bowls on Brown Clay. See sizes below.<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 540

Item 557<br>Red/Black glazed mugs on white stoneware<br>4.0 in tall x 3.0 in wide<br><b>Sold</b>

Item 557

Item 108<br>Deep bowl, 3.0 in wide x 4.75 in tall<br><b>$25</b>

Item 108

Item 544<br>Red/Black Glazed Bowl on white stoneware, 2.25 in tall x 5.75 in wide<br><b>$25</b>

Item 544